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We are a document preparation company. We help consumers with filling out documents for government assisted programs. We help with applying for programs such as disability, social security, financial aid, unemployment and Income Driven Repayment programs for government backed loans.

We send all paperwork as soon as the first payment is made. We have been doing document preparation services for six years. We pride ourselves in great customer service.

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Document Prep Helpers

Defaulted Documentation

The rehabilitation program offers one of the most affordable solutions to bringing your documentation preparation out of default. Once your documents are in good standing, apply for an income driven repayment for more manageable payments.

Annual Certifications

Does your program require you to certify your income or occupation annually? Our company can prepare your certification papers each year so you don't forget! We'll make sure your documents are prepared correctly and to Department of Education standards so you can actively remain in your program

Income Driven Repayments

Income driven repayment programs calculate your new payments based on your income and expenses, not your loan balance. We can prepare the documentation necessary to apply for a repayment program that can reduce or potentially eliminate your monthly student loan payments.

U.S. Student Debt

The numbers are staggering. Student debt is at an all time high in America. Take advantage of the numerous programs that help make your student debt more manageable.

$1.47 Trillion


39 Million


$393 mo.


Am I Qualified?​

It only takes a few minutes to learn about your application repayment options. We’ll have our team review your situation and explain the guidelines so you can make an educated decision in regards your student debt. ​

Consultations are always free.

Programs Available

There are many types of programs available through the US Department of Education to ease the burden of student debt in almost any situation. We can prepare the documents necessary so you can submit them knowing they are prepared correctly.

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